Todo web apps

Several months ago, I realized that paper-based todo list was not sufficient for my needs. I went on searching for a web-based todo application to help me manage my todo lists. After evaluated a few existing implementations that I could find at the time, I decided to use voo2do. I was impressed by ease-of-use with its use of AJAX techniques. Today, I came across a even more impressive todo web app, Todoist. There a lot of short-cut key strokes to help speed-up user work flow. One cool thing that I cough my attention immediately about Todoist is the concept of hierarchical todo list, a feature that is missing in most todo applications. After spending some time with both apps at the same time, I realized that Todoist server appears not responding at times, while voo2do still operate normally. Now, the competition is up another notch. Keep up the good work to the folks at Todoist and voo2do.


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