Belenix DVD — initial impression

Belenix “is an OpenSolaris Distribution with a Live CD (runs directly off the CD).” Just a couple days ago, Belenix DVD just released, which has NetBeans 5.5 and Glassfish. After downloaded the image off the net and burned onto a DVD, here are my initial observations on one system:

+ It recognizes ATI video chip and works with wide screen. This is pretty cool.
+ ACPI works out-of-box. I am impressed. Ubuntu 6.06 doesn’t work with this box. At least not yet.
– No sound. I can live with that on a development box.
– It can’t recognize the Ethernet out-of-box. That just kills my dream to play with Belenix on this box. Maybe I’ll try it on a slower/older machine.
+ NetBeans runs as advertised. No installation necessary. This is very cool.

I know that most of negative (-) points I made are addressable in OpenSolaris rather than in Belenix. So, I am still impressed at what folks at Belenix did. Keep up the good work.


15 thoughts on “Belenix DVD — initial impression

  1. Thanks for your comments.
    OpenSolaris still lacks a bunch of sound drivers though this situation is improving. I am a bit surprised that Ethernet did not work. BeleniX includes a truckload of network drivers for OpenSolaris. Can you run /usr/X11/bin/scanpci and post the section of the output that shows your network card.

  2. Looking at the output. It looks like the wireless card was recognized, not the Ethernet. In that case, I guess I can attempt to configure wireless.

    pci bus 0x0004 cardnum 0x00 function 0x00: vendor 0x10ec device 0x8168
    Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device unknown

    pci bus 0x0005 cardnum 0x09 function 0x00: vendor 0x1814 device 0x0201
    RaLink RT2500 802.11G Cardbus/mini-PCI

  3. {just googled and stumbled on this page…}
    oh wow, this is the first live-cd I’ve encountered since Pollix
    (which hasnt been updated since 2004 or so)
    that has NetBeans [my top fav IDE] in it! 😀

    Im so happy now that I know it exist! 🙂 I will download it right
    away, hopefully it will work swiftly in my collage’s comps labs

    so I can use NetBeans faster and better then the slow pace I have
    to suffer when I use it at the lab under *caugh* M$ *caugh* XP 🙂

    I am kind of used to linux since I’ve been using it now for 3 monthes or so everyday
    so I hope that solaris isnt all that different and hard, I meant opensolaris…

    hurummz… say, if u guys know any better NetBeans Oriented LiveCD OS/* mind sending me an email?

  4. Good to know that you found this blog entry helpful. This is the only Live CD/DVD that I know of has NetBeans 5.5. Have fun with Belenix DVD and let me know if you have a better luck with Belenix for recognizing your college’s computers.

  5. oh wait, you mean to tell me that Belenix DVD is the only Belenix released versions that has
    NetBeans built-in in it?
    as in – the LiveCD CD and USB versions doesnt has NB on’em?

    or.. do they?

    cause… in my labs, each comp has a cd drive and 2 USB slots, so the 2 latters are my only options of Belenix

  6. Belenix DVD edition probably is the only one out of 3 Belenix editions that has NetBeans. There are other out-dated Linux live CDs that has an older version of NetBeans. I also found out that Solaris Developer Express also has NetBeans 5.5 bundled. However, it will require installation (i.e. not a Live CD/DVD) (source:

    If the computer has USB 2.0 ports, then you can always install Netbeans on an USB flash memory stick and use it with any live USB or live CD. Hope this helps.

  7. zencin – actualy this does help!
    I’ve encountered Solaris DevEx recently as well.. yeah a shame there isnt a liveCD version

    I was thinking maybe to write to them or to BeleniX 🙂 maybe they’ll listen to the little man in need hehehe

    if its the solaris express dev ed… I gonna have to convience my collage’s lab tech guy to install it on every computer and that means to disable the ghosts/magicCards…. which will take a while…

    anywhos thanks for the tip !

  8. loaded Belenix 0.6.1 (live-CD) on P4 PC
    Wireless USB device Linksys not detected.
    i manually run ifconfig ath0 plumb and get DLPI link does not exist.

    any help with this would be appreciated !!

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