Notes on installing Sun Ray Server

  • Do not use space character in the path where you are running the install script.
  • Follow the installation steps documented in the installation guide.
  • You don’t really need to have Apache HTTP server running. The installation bundle has all it needs.
  • Review the install log to check no errors occur during installation.
  • After completed the installation steps in chapter 3, fill the configuration worksheet in chapter 6 on Page 29 on the document or Page 43 according to your favorite PDF reader.
    • Use default values when possible. For production use, you should not use the default value.
    • Do configure fail-over group even if you do not plan to do so. If you ever want to install a second instance, you don’t have to re-install of you already responded yes to configure fail-over group. If you don’t have a second instance, you can skip configuration steps related to second instance when configuring fail-over.
    • This note was written for an install of SunRay software configuration in LAN network configuration. So, SunRay software’s network configuration was tweaked for this deployment.
  • If you plan to configure SunRay server to connect to a Windows Terminal Service (i.e. in CAM mode), you need to configure a Windows connector before you finish configuring SunRay.
  • Follow the configuration instructions stated in chapter 7.
    • Add interface to RunRay Server: utadm -a e1000g0 if you want to create a private net deployment model
    • Depending on which model you want, use the the associated instruction in the chapter.
  • Install patches needed for SunRay Server software.
  • For CAM configuration, please refer to Administration Guide for more details. For example, how to allow users to access applications.

Special thanks to Steve N. for showing me how this is done.


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