Adding a new hard drive and then add swap space

I had to add additional swap space in Solaris 10 under VMWare. So, I added additional space in VMWare. Next, I followed the instructions stated at the following link. Then I ran a command similar to the following to add the new disk as swap: swap -a /dev/dsk/c0d1s1 If you want the swap space to persist over reboot, you should add a swap entry to /etc/vfstab file. Use the existing swap entry as a template.


8 thoughts on “Adding a new hard drive and then add swap space

  1. I added a swap file recently and it’s recognized just as soon as I added it but once the server reboots, it dissapears. I copied and pasted the existing swap entry for this new swap file and the only possible descrepancy I can see is that I named the file with an underscore?

    1) Swap is added succesfully (Its an 8 gig file)
    2) Filesystem where swap file exists is mirrored by 2 submirrors (round robin:read & parrallel:write)
    3) vfstab entry reads:
    /m1/.swap_4X – – swap – no –

    Any ideas? Thank you.

  2. The entry you use doesn’t seems to match the existing entry that exist in vfstab. Here is an example that I have for Solaris 10 SPARC.
    swap – /tmp tmpfs – yes –

    I would expect you to change the first word above to the actual new swap fie/partition. Hope this helps.

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