My notes on using system console on a 6900

With a rare opportunity I got my hands on a 6900 and get to remotely administer it. It’s pretty cool administer the hardware remotely. I didn’t even have to touch the actual hardware to disable/enable components. Fortunately, the system console was alredy setup for me and I just telnet to the console to start administer remotely. Here are my notes:

* Right after you telnet to the system console, you Will see the console menu. Choose the domain of your choice. Typically the first domain is Domain A. If you can not connect because the console is occupied, you can connect to the Platform Shell. Enter “connections” command to list existing open connections. Enter “disconnect <console connection number>” command to disconnect the active connection. Once the connection is cleared, reconnect to the domain console either through the console menu or issue a “console -d a” command in the Platform Shell.

* You can enter “help” command to get a list of available commands on the system. To get more information about specific command, enter “helps <command>”. To work effectively while working on a domain, you might want to open a second connection to the System Console and choose Platform Shell at the console menu.

* Before you can start disable/enable components, you should shut down all critical services/applications and bring down the system by issuing a “halt” as root user. You should see OK prompt. Next you should send a break by typing “Ctrl-]” and enter “send break”.

* To disable a component, use “disablecomponent <component name>” Componment name could be a System Board (i.e. SB1, SB2, etc.), a Port (i.e. SB1/P0, SB2/P1, etc.), a Bank (i.e. SB1/P0/B0, SB1/P0/B1, etc.) or other types that I will not cover here.

* To enable a component, use ” enablecomponent <component name>”

*After you disable or enable a component, you should issue a ” setkeyswitch off” and then “setkeyswitch on” to reboot the machine. Although you probably can disable a component on a live system without reboot, I just always setkeyswitch off and on when disable or enable components.

You can certainly do a lot more than what I wrote here and they are beyond the scope of what I need to learn for now. Please refer to official documentation if you want to do more interesting tricks on the system console.

Special thanks to Kevin T. for showing me how to do all these tricks.


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