PS3 Rush

With short-supply, first wave of PS3 owners certainly were fast and furious about their new purchase. Some buyers actually didn’t bought it for the entertainment value, rather for the resale value. Just look at the eBay listings and see the pricing listing for you self. Most of of the bids went up to around $1000 – $1500 USD at the time of this writing. One auction went as high as $3850 USD. LA Times even reported that some of the bids for the console surpassed $10,000. According to, the retail price for the console were between $500 and $600 USD. The outrageous resell pricing showed buyers certainly willing to pay a high premium.

I know a person that is selling a PS3. The bundle includes 4 games, 2 controllers and a new projector. The owner is willing to ship overnight for free if a buyer willing to name a good price. I guess if you wasn’t fast and furious enough, you will have to pay for your bragging rights.

With a 3.2 GHz Cell CPU, 20/60GB internal hard drive, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, and build-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the unit started to look like a well packaged PC. Even Fedora Core 5 ran on PS3. With the ability to run multiple operating systems, Sony certainly hoped people will find creative uses for the machine.

This certainly has the potential to attract hobbyists to port or write new applications/games for PS3, which may generate more demands for PS3. This positive feedback loop is only possible if Sony can meet demand and continue investment in the developer community. At this time, Sony can’t meet the demand with limited supply and that gives Nintendo wii an opportunity to compete.

So the battle for world console domination continues.


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