NFS server + Automount on Solaris 10

I just followed the one-line command on this page. It’s amazing that a single command is all you need to enable NFS server.
Then, I followed the instructions on this page with one correction. I edited /etc/auto_home instead of /etc/auto.home.

After that, I edited /etc/passwd file and changed /export/home to /home. It worked beautifully.


5 thoughts on “NFS server + Automount on Solaris 10

  1. Hi Dave,

    I am new to automounting. I have a below requirement, Can you guide me to know if the below issue can be solved by automounting. If yes then how.

    I have a N440 Box as a NFS server(EMS116) and the shared directory is /appdata/gaurav. I have another client N440 server and have a directory called /gaurav.
    I need that the /gaurav be automountable to /appdata/gaurav.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.


    1. Server side : ( which has sharable data ) – serverA ( ip : )

      vi /etc/dfs/dfstab

      share -F -o rw,anon=0 /appdata/gaurav


      and run the following commands,


      in client side : serverB ( ip:

      map files :

      vi /etc/auto_master

      /- ( 2 tabs space) auto-direct ( 1 tab ) -ro

      save the file (wq!)

      vi /etc/auto_direct


      save the file (wq!)

      automount -v

      or automount -t 300 ( after 5 min gaurav will unmount defaultly)

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