Studio 11 on Solaris 10 x64 installation notes

The notes that I have here are nothing special when compared to the official installation documentation. The official documentation and FAQs have extra troubleshooting guidelines that I don’t need or did not encounter. One key task that I did was make sure I installed all patches, which saved me some grief. 😉

1. Download required patches.
2. Install Solaris 10 patches using the following command:

patchadd -M <your_patch_directory> <patch-id> <patch-id> ...

Instruction source.

3. (Optional) To double check, run the following command and do a search use “/<patch_number”:

showrev -p |less

You can also use the following command:

showrev -p |grep <patch_number>

4. (Recommended) See the following links:
* Official Developer Portal
* Official forum
* Official FAQ
* Unofficial FAQ
* Official documentation : Installation Guide

5. Downoad the binary

6. Extract

bzcat  studio11-sol-x86.tar.bz2 |tar xvf -

7. Run installer


8. Click Next

9. Click Accept and click Next

10. Uncheck any locale you don’t want and click Next

11. Accept Default Install options and click Next

12. Accept default install directory (/opt) and click Next

13. Click Install Now

14. Click Exit, click Exit on the pop-up confirmation window

15. Install Studio 11 patches downloaded in #1. See #2 for installation instruction. Note: I had to use -G to install in global zone only. I also had to install patch #121022 before I can install patch #121020.

16. (Optional) Add /opt/SUNWspro/bin to your PATH environment variable.

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