It’s unfortunate failed on their last mile

While browsing around on web hosting companies, I came across They offer a very competitive package with many great features and values. At the time of this blog post, they offer 30GB of space, 750GB of traffic/mo, lots of php web applications available, shopping cart, awstats/webalizer, certificate, etc. All these are for a low price of $6..95/mo if sign-up with them for 2 years. I was really impressed by how much the customer can get for so little money.

To make sure this is really a good deal, I went on to read user reviews. Just about all are great. I noticed one user stated that the hosting company requires an extra identification before they would permit ssh/shell access for an user. Although their term of service do say that they will protect customer’s privacy, asking for driver’s license or passport seem a bit overkill and may raise concerns about the safety of personal data.

Such an extra identification requirement got me thinking a bit more and I went to and looked up their record. Oh boy. That is a deal killer. Matt, If you ever read this, tell your customer support department to resolve the complaints ASAP.

I am sure they work very hard to deliver the best value and service in this cut throat business. Combined with their recent service issues, I would give them a bit of time and check back later to see if they improve. So, I would not recommend until they get their act together.


4 thoughts on “It’s unfortunate failed on their last mile

  1. Oh geez…I went to to see what you were talking about. I know the kinds of people who complain to the BBB and they are the ones who did NOT read the Terms and Conditions and do not read anything before purchasing. There were 3 complaints, 2 resolved, 1 not responded to. I’d say that’s pretty good since Bluehost has over 100,000 customers. You should really try going to the source instead of trusting what one unhappy customer claims. 😉

  2. At the time of my initial blog post, there were 3 issues and all of them were unresolved. That’s why I wote the blog entry. Within a month, they already resoleved 2 and no response on the 3rd. This is a very good progress. Considering they’ve hired a bunch of people to bolster their service ( and increased their web space offering, they certainly are on the right track to be an excellent web hosting company. Keep up the good work to folks at

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