How to checkout and open a NetBeans project from a Subversion server using NetBeans 5.5 beta2

1. cd to the bin directory in NetBeans. i.e. cd ~/netbeans-5.5beta2/bin
2. ./netbeans
3. If you have proxy server, click Proxy Configuration, else skip to #6
4. Enter Proxy Host name
5. Enter Proxy Port and click OK
6. Tools –> Update Center
7. Click Next
8. Select Subversion and Click Add
9. Click Next
10. Click Accept
11. Click Accept again
12. Click Accept for the third time (you are downloading 3 components and need to accept to the license agreement to all 3)
13. Click Next when all modules are downloaded
14. Click Finish
15. Subversion –> Checkout
16. Enter Repository URL
17. Enter a User name
18. Enter a Password
19. Click Next
20. If you want to change the local folder for checked out files, click Browse and choose/create a local folder.
21. Click Finish
22. If the project is in NetBeans project format, you should see a pop-up window asking if you want to open the project. Click Close or cancel. You need to correct some of the path references before you can begin.
23. Go into <checkout project directory directory>/private
24. vi
25. All path references are full path and are specific to the machine that the initial project creator used. So, you may want to change all path to the correct location for your local environment. In vi, you can use


to search and replace globally. All “/” characters should be escaped by adding a “\” before each “/” that is supposed to be part of the path. (Note: Somehow I can’t figure out how to make wordpress to show the two characters next to eachother. So, let me know if you know how.)
26. File –> Open Project
27. Choose the project folder and click Open Project Folder

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