Solaris 10 on VMware Installation Notes

Here are some raw notes that I wrote down a while ago on the steps for installing Solaris 10 on Vmware. You might want to search for ther howto documents on this topic too. Anyway, here are the raw notes:

Enter 0 for English
Click Next
Choose Networked
Click Next
Keep No for “Use DHCP for pcn0”
Click Next
Enter myhostname for host name
Enter an IP within vmnet8 for ip address
Note: Do not use 0, 1, or 2 for the last digit
Keep the netmask
Keep No on “Enable IPv6 for pcn0”
Choose “Specify one” for “Set the Default Route for pcn0”
Click Next
Enter NAT gateway IP for “Route IP Address for pcn0”
Keep No for “Enable Kerberos”
Click Next
Keep None for “Name Service”
Specify timezone by Geographic Continent/Country/Region
Choose your local time zone
Keep the predefined time and click Next
Enter a password
Click Confirm
Click Next to go to the next scrren
Keep the following two options to Yes:
Reboot automatically after software installation?
Eject additional CDs/DVDs automatically after software installation?
Click Next
Click OK on the Notice pop up Window
Keep CD/DVD Media and click Next
Check Accep for License Agreement and click Next
Choose Custom Install and click next
Choose en_US for “Select Software Localization”
Click Next
Choose en_US.ISO8859-1 or your preferred encoding and Click Next

restarted installation
choose standard install
Entered the same configuration stated above
Choose Entire distribution plus OEM support
Choose Next for Files System layout
Choose Customize layout and set the following:
0 / 8191
1 swap 2045
Skip remote mount software and begin the installation


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