How to create an instance of Oracle database using DBCA command line tool?

Pre-condition: You must have Oracle database software installed and this note is for 10g.

You will only need to create an instance if you don’t already have one or if you wish to create a new instance. Check what you already have using ps -ef |grep ora

1. Make a copy of the response file (dbca.rsp in the installation binary directory, which should be [installation bin dir]/Disk1/response/dbca.rsp).

2. Make a copy: cp dbca.rsp ..

3. Edit the response file with local environment configuration information. The parameters that you should update are:

TEMPLATENAME = “New Database”

3. run ONE of the the following two command as Oracle user:
dbca -progress_only -responseFile [response file]


dbca -silent -responseFile [response file]

Note: -progress_only option will require graphical display. Set your DISPLAY env parameter if you are working remotely.


19 thoughts on “How to create an instance of Oracle database using DBCA command line tool?

  1. I get the connection to oracle database 9i, but when i drag and drop the table to the compenet i dont get the date in this compenet ( idont get aloso the “abc” in this field)

  2. Although your question isn’t related to the blog post, here is what I think you are asking for: Use ssh -X to enable X11 forwarding. With -X option, you don’t have to set DISPLAY env variable until you do something that will change it, such as su to another user. Hope this helps!

  3. How can I sync Oracle Database on SUN? For this case I want the databse in “Active and Stand by” mode. I am not quite sure the procedure and I wanna exchange the trick and knowledge with you all. Thanks

  4. Hi Mayme,

    Can you elaborate your question a little more? What do you mean by “sync”? sync to disk? sync with another database?

    You are welcome to share your tip on this blog using the comments feature. You can certainly write a blog or an article.

  5. in fact .. this is not A comment but a question and please some body give me ana answer im using oracle 10g and i was hardly trying to Create a database manually but when I create an instance i couldnt open it to a nomount mode by using the pfile so THat i can create a Database .. would Any one please send me setp by step since creating the instance untill im done with a database

  6. How to create DBCA databas.
    if i issue the command # dbca – i got this below error
    /home/oracle9i/OraHome1/JRE/bin/../bin/i686/native_threads/jre: relocation error: /home/oracle9i/OraHome1/JRE/bin/../lib/i686/native_threads/ symbol __libc_wait, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference

    please give me solution

    1. hi,
      i want to create a data base using the command prompt in oracle 10g.
      can any one tell me what command would be used?

  7. $ dbca – silent – responseFile
    DISPLAY not set.
    Set DISPLAY environment variable, then re-run.
    i am geting this errro what parameter i set into prfolie send some example

  8. $ dbca
    DISPLAY not set.
    Set DISPLAY environment variable, then re-run.

    i am finding this error what we should set parameter in profile

  9. Hi Sameer,

    If you are using BASH shell, you can run a command similar to the following:

    export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

    Change “localhost” if you are not on the same machine. Change “0.0” if you are not on the default display. You may also need to set the permission:

    xhost +

    This will allow anyone to connect to your current display. For greater security, you may want to narrow down the permission to a host. Hope this helps.

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