First Impression about WordPress

I have been a long time Blogger user. After having difficulty searching for specific information in my own blogs, I decided that I need the search feature for my blogs. Blogger doesn’t seem to have it out-of-the-box, so I gave WordPress a try. It certainly has the search feature that I was looking for. It also has the rich editing capability that attracted me to Blogger earlier. WordPress even has an import feature that allows me to import my blogs from Blogger. However, the import broke at about 2/3 way into the process. So, most of my 2005 blogs were missing on this blog. So, it’s not perfect. Even without a working import feature, the pro still outweight the con. Anyway, it’s free. Can’t complain about free. 😉


2 thoughts on “First Impression about WordPress

  1. 1. Login to WordPress’s Dashboard
    2. Click Manage
    3. Click Import
    4. Click on one of 4 supported Blog service providers, which are LiveJournal, Movable Type and Typepad, Blogger and Blogspot, and WordPress.

    Hope this helps

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