apt-get vs emerge

apt-get vs emerge

After upgraded to FC3, I tried to install apt and gave apt-get a try. After explored a various subcommands and installed/upgraded a few packages, I am happy with its ease of use.

However, when comapring to emerge from Gentoo, I found it has one very nice feature that apt-get doesn’t have: search. With search, emerge allows me to browse a list of applications that has a matching string in its name or description. This can be useful if I am interested to see what related packages are available and perhaps install a different implementation as a result of such search.

So, here is my RFE for the developers on apt. Even without such a minor feature, apt-get still blows the dust off uptodate/yum.


2 thoughts on “apt-get vs emerge

  1. I just found this article while searching for a comparison between emerge and apt. I´m a Debian User who is interested in Gentoo.

    The feature you were searching for is although in the apt tool. But not in apt-get, it´s in apt-cache. Try apt-cache search


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