Open Source Summit

Open Source Summit

I attended the Open Source Summit on Sep 14th and I heard about many valuable experiences and opinions from some great contributors of Open Source community. Major participants on the panel or speakers worked in some of the well known organizations or projects such as Apache, Mozilla, NetBeans, OpenOffice, Tonic (Open Source Solaris) and many others. After heard from many of these great intellectuals’ talks, I was able to relate their wisdoms gained from Open Source effors to technology adoption. Here are some principles and success factors for an Open Source project that can also apply to technology adoption:

Build trust

– Be a good citizen of the Open Source community.

– There is no such a thing as stupid question attitude.

– Treat others as equal status to you. Allow others to participate in the decisions and activities that are core to the project.

– Give others ownership of the project so that they feel they have the responsbility to make the project successful.

– Lead by doing

– Build a win-win work model so participants will think the changes or thir work will be for their own benefit also.

– You can not expect others to commit on a task if they are not willing to do so. This leads to use of other persuasive factors to assist a project to deliver on time. For example, a participant could have a depending product that need this project to deliver on time and willing to assist fix the last couple show stopper bugs in this project.

– Be consistent

Lower cost of entry

– If a newbie has to spend one month to get started on an Open Source project, there is no way that person will spend that much effort.

– Good documentation.

– Core engineers need to have the patience to take time and train the new comers so they will learn the necessary skills to take up responsibilities within the project. (Teach others to fish)

– Provide access to the tools you have.

– For some situations, a company should provide easier access to necessary hardware for participants. For example, a company may provide some testing iPaq for developers to test their Linux software.


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