First impression on Gallery

First impression on Gallery

Gallery definitely has more features than yappa-ng. Features such as client software for upload, allow visitors to add comments and vote, RSS feed, e-mail sub system for notifications, etc. Howver, yappa-ng is more stable and designed for multiple maintainers that allows master administrator to give out album administration permissions to one specific album to other administrators to use, who can in term give uploaders to add photos only. When I tried to use the upload applet, it threw an incorrect URL error, which was a bit annoying. I had to use the Gallery_Remote to upload pictures. Even Gallery_Remote could not delete selected picture after I added to the to upload list and before I upload them. The tool would just freeze. 😦 Delete album function in Gallery also brok when I tried it with Mozilla. I had to use IE to delete album. 😦

Even with buggy codes, I decided to go with Gallery for its rich features and good interface/template.


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