Book: The Leadership Gap

“The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness” By Lolly Daskal “The problem is that one day, suddenly what once worked so well to propel their rise stops working. And the very same traits that had worked for them actually start working against them.” “What is the gap between who I am and […]

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Book: The Power Paradox

“The Power Paradox: How we gain and lose influence” by Dacher Keltner “We gain a capacity to make a difference in the world by enhancing the lives of others, but the very experience of having power and privilege leads us to behave, in our worst moments, like impulsive, of-of-control sociopaths.” “We will be more poised […]

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Book: Anticancer Living

“Anticancer Living: Transform Your Life and Health with The Mix of Six” by Lorenzo Cohen, PhD and Alison Jefferies, MEd “By making simple changes to the way we live, we can diminish the side effects of conventional cancer treatments, extend (and sometimes shatter) expected survival rates, decrease the chance for recurrence of disease, and potentially […]

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Book: Working With Difficult People

“Work With Difficult People: Handling the Ten Types of Problem People Without Losing Your Mind” By Amy Cooper Hakim and Muriel Solomon Strategy for dealing with narcissist boss: “Respect yourself. You can speak up without either cringing or bien insubordinate.” “Clarify expectations. Don’t leave a conversation without fully understanding what is expected. Then, create a paper trail by recapping your […]

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Book: Win People Over

“Win People Over: 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone” By Karen Leong “‘Like most young children they also have an erratic attention span. We use trips to McDonald’s, the promise of a weekend trip to the beach, more pocket money… the usual stuff we all use to get them to study.’ A number of […]

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Book: Accelerate

“Accelerate: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations” By Nicole Forsgren, PhD, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim “The key to successful change is measuring and understanding the right things with a focus on capabilities–not on maturaity.” “First, maturity models focus on helping an organization ‘arrive’ at a mature state and then declare themselves done with […]

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Book: The Culture Code

“The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups” By Daniel Coyle Negative archetypes: “the Jerk (an aggressive, defiant deviant), the Slacker (a withholder of effort), and the Downer (a depressive Eeyor type).” “Safety is not mere emotional weather but rather the foundation on which strong culture is built.” “Belonging cues possess three basic qualities:1. […]

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