Mini-Book: Securing Microservice APIs

“Securing Microservice APIs: Sustainable and Scalable Access Control” by Matt McLarty, Rob Wilson, and Scott Morrison Identification: “Service consumers and intermediaries must be able to send API request messages that include multiple identities along with optional attributes that detail those identities, and they must be able to accept API requests that include multiple identities and […]

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Book: Microservice Architecture

“Microservice Architecture: Aligning principles, practices, and culture” by Irakli Nadareishvili, Ronnie Mitra, Matt McLarty & Mike Amundsen “What the architects at this gathering were concerned with was not a question of the size of the system. Instead, they were grappling with a situation in which the system was too big. What they identified is that systems that grow […]

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Book: Human + Machine

“Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI” By Paul R. Daugherty and H. James Wilson “When Amazon acquired Kiva Robots in 2012, it signalsed that the mobile bots zipping around Amazon’s warehouses were a key to their fulfillment advantage. not only do the robots help lift and stack plastic bins filled with […]

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Book: Who’s Got Your Back

“Who’s Got Your Back: The breakthrough program to build deep, trusting relationships that create success–and wont’ let you fail” By Keith Ferrazzi “Exceptional achievement in work and life is a peer-to-peer collaborative process.” “On one level, I had lost touch with a sense of my strengths and weakness. When that happens, we lose the power […]

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Book: The Leadership Gap

“The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness” By Lolly Daskal “The problem is that one day, suddenly what once worked so well to propel their rise stops working. And the very same traits that had worked for them actually start working against them.” “What is the gap between who I am and […]

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