Life in general

AfterShot Pro

It’s great to see that Corel released latest update to support new cameras. However, the new version would not import Canon 5D mark II RAW files correctly. After an import, the images would look blank when it supposed to have image content. Here is a screen capture of what I see:






A look in Corel’s forum led me to a post that suggested to remove the files in cache folder (i.e. .AfterShotPro/cache in Linux). It worked for me! :)

Bluetooth Keyboard

Motorola bluetooth keyboard just arrived today and I am happy to use it to type this blog post. :) The only thing I wished it can do is to support Asian language keyboard layouts with Android.  Besides that, I did notice that the keyboard would cause one of the keys to trigger multiple times when I only pressed the key once. This happens a few times while typing this blog post.